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We proudly serve 5 styles of beef, Wet Aged, Dry Aged, 100% Grass-fed. American Wagyu, and Certified Japanese Kobe A5 Wagyu.

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All of are steaks are guaranteed
100% certified PRIME

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Open 7 Days a Week | Cocktail Lounge 3:00 PM - Midnight | Dining Room Reservations 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

2211 South Las Vegas BLVD, Las Vegas Nevada, 89104 | 702-982-8003

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The Legend of

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Mae Daly

While there seems to be no documented proof of the sheer existence of Mae Daly, her story has lived on in saloons and gaming halls in Nevada for several decades. Some old timers claim to have known her personally. The stories they tell will live on forever.

January 7, 1920, began prohibition in the United States. Las Vegas did have a city ordinance against alcohol, but saloon owners operated openly, not like the underground “speakeasies” in other cities. A fine from a city violation or a federal Prohibition conviction was considered the cost of doing business. Before the 1920s, the only women you were likely to find in bars or saloons were the kind that were available for rent, and any “respectable” lady would never set foot in such an establishment.

Vegas was built on defiance, and in 1928, Mae Daly redefined defiance in Las Vegas, by opening Mae Daly’s Saloon. She proudly boasted that respectful women were not only welcome but encouraged to patronize her establishment. It only took a couple of months for the word to spread that Mae was serving the finest whiskeys and steaks in town.

While prohibition built the mob, and the mob built Vegas, Mae made it very clear that she answered to no one and made her own rules. The stories and possibly the myths of Mae’s notorious battles with the mob are still told in many bars in our great city. Mae helped change the history of Las Vegas and our country. We are very proud to carry on her traditions of friendly service, great steaks, whiskeys, and good times.

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2211 South Las Vegas Blvd Suite 150

Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

Cocktail Lounge | 3PM – Midnight, 7 days a week

Dining Room | 5PM – 10PM, 7 days a week

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